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Frank Kern – Legacy Collection

Download Frank Kern – Legacy Collection (GB)

This Is Like Getting A Check For,810.00! Announcing The Legacy Collection! As a way to celebrate 16 consecutive years serving the Internet Marketing community …and my children’s interest in what we all do, I’m making you the most generous (and insane) offer in the history of Internet Marketing. When you accept this offer, you’re getting […]

Frank Kern – Survey Siphon

Download Frank Kern Survey Siphon

Here, specifically, is some of what you’ll be discovering on the LIVE FREE training. The bizarre method that CULT LEADERS use to control their followers’ minds …and how you can use their tactics as a force for good (and profits!). The five steps to positioning yourself as more popular, more valuable, worth more money in […]

Frank Kern – The Invisible Offer

Download Frank Kern The Invisible Offer

MODULE 1: The Invisible Offer Campaigns These might be the simplest, 3nd most lucrative campaign method ever created. In this module, I teach you the powerful psychology that drives this campaign, walk you through three case studies where it worked brilliantly. (So far, I’ve seen 3 100% success rate with this, and I show you […]

Frank Kern & Ryan Deiss – Funnel Certification Program

Frank Kern & Ryan Deiss – Funnel Certification Program

What you will learn: We will personally lead you through a 6-week interactive class where we take a deep dive into the inner workings of our proprietary funnel process, certify you as an optimization expert, and show you how to get clients as an optimization consultant. Week 1: Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet Week 2: […]

Frank Kern – Video Black Box

Frank Kern – Video Black Box

Frank Kern Operation Video Black Box walks you through how to make cool videos that sell. This brand new product takes you behind the scenes of Frank Kern’s most successful video campaigns from the past two years and reveals: A. How you can “manufacture celebrity” in ANY market to command high prices. Probably the single […]

Frank Kern – Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

Download Frank Kern – Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

Yes, Frank! I want to create an amazing webinar campaign that adds massive value to my marketplace, positions me as an authority, builds a super-responsive list, and sells like crazy! Module 1: Recon and Registrants Want to know the first rule of marketing? Sell what people want! And that’s why this module is so valuable important – […]

Frank Kern – Mass Conversions

Frank Kern – Mass Conversions

Here’s a fraction of what you’ll learn… How to create money-magnet assets that attract perfect prospects while positioning you as a celebrity-authority. Create a functional list-getting “machine” that pulls in prospects for you on autopilot. Build automated, behavioral dynamic marketing campaigns that automatically convert new subscribers into buyers while positioning you as an authority and […]

Frank Kern – Intent Based Branding

Download Frank Kern Intent Based Branding

Week 1: Your Sales Process Week 2: Your Market Week 3: Your Content Week 4: Your Offers Week 5: Content Compounding Week 6: Running Ads Here’s what we’re doing together… The class is six weeks long… All lessons are taught life, and the recordings will be available inside your members’ area, so you don’t have to worry about missing anything … […]

Frank Kern – Info Business Blueprint

Frank Kern – Info Business Blueprint

Here’s How To Claim Your Share of The Multi-Billion Dollar Online Information Business. Here’s What’s Inside … Info Business Blueprint is a five-week online course that’s designed to help you do these four things: Find out exactly what type of information your prospects want to buy. Quickly and easily create excellent Information products for them. […]

Frank Kern – High Level Fellowship

Frank Kern – High Level Fellowship

Here’s exactly what I’m getting as a member of the High-Level Fellowship Phase 1: Six Weeks To Freedom This is an interactive online LIVE class that starts on Monday, September 7th. Every Monday, I’ll release the new course content into your members’ area, and you can watch it whenever you want …at At your own […]

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