David Siteman Garland – Create Awesome Online Courses

David Siteman Garland – Create Awesome Online Courses

How do the most successful mediapreneurs make the bling and live an awesome lifestyle?

Because it is one thing to make a lot of money, but how much would that suck that in order to make that money you had no time to do anything else in your life? Meaning you are tied to a computer or working with people 24/7? That’s not freedom. That’s a problem.

What did I uncover?

#1: The top mediapreneurs create their own information product teaching step-by-step something they already know.

More specifically…

#2: The most successful mediapreneurs make the bling by creating & selling their own step-by-step Online Course

If you look at the top of your niche, meaning those with the

  • Top revenue
  • Top reputation
  • Top following

you will find more often than not they have an awesome online course.

A big question for you to think about (I had the same question):

With so many options out there to monetize, why have they all decided to go with online courses?

With so many options to monetize, why an online course?


  • Reason #1:
    Punches dollars for hours in the face

    Creating an online course is HUGE leverage for your time. Instead of constantly trying to charge dollars for hours (which, as you know, is nearly impossible to scale and can fill up your schedule in a hurry), you do a bunch of work upfront and then generate automated revenue 24/7…for years.
  • Reason #2:
    Packaging up & selling WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW

    You already know something other people want to learn from you. Right now. Seriously. Unlike other forms of monetization that might require you to go out and learn a brand new skill or hire people, an online course leverages what you already know right now.
  • Reason #3:
    You don’t need a huge amount of buyers

    Online courses sell at a premium (more than, say, e-books). Premium prices = premium revenue with fewer buyers needed. Heck, one buyer a day for a course you create that sells for $497 generates $181,405 a year (and that’s just 365 customers!)
  • Reason #4:
    Positioning in the marketplace as an expert

    It is awesome to be known as an expert. And having a blog, web show or podcast certainly helps position you as one. However, having a course compounds your expertise. More people will take notice of you and your work and your perception as an expert will definitely increase as a result of your online course…and that is GREAT for your business.
  • Reason #5:
    Big backend opportunity

    Once you have your course out to the world and have the marketing funnel created (and I will show you exactly how to do this…don’t stress about this yet!) EVERY TIME you are interviewed, get some delicious PR, write a guest blog, etc. you will be bringing in more leads and more sales for your course. Sweet.

A few interesting “myths” about online courses: